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Area C: The Arts and Humanities

Area C- 4 Further Studies in the Arts and Humanities

1. Courses in this category, need not be introductory, and need not be as broad in scope as courses included in C2 or C3.

2. Courses may have as prerequisites courses listed in C2 and C3 or similar courses.

3. Courses in this category shall comply generally with the criteria for courses in categories C2 and C3.

a) Develops a comprehensive understanding and appreciation of the heritage being studied and transmits a knowledge of Western and Non-Western cultural heritage in the arts and humanities.

b) Introduces history or a method of analysis in order a) to increase understanding and appreciation of the art forms being studied or b) to study the principles on which aesthetic judgments are made or focuses on ideas and values of various cultures and traditions as expressed in their literatures, philosophies or religions.

4. If the courses have for primary goal the development or application of skills to develop aesthetic sensitivity, it must be done through active participation in one of the arts or through inclusion of a significant cultural component.

5. Develops an understanding of and appreciation for the diversity of the human community.

6. Presents the contributions and perspectives of women; persons from various ethnic, socio-economic, and religious groups, gays and lesbians; and persons with disabilities. [At least two of these groups should be included in the course.]

Students will:

1. Apply processes of critical analysis to the text-based courses within this category.

2. Demonstrate basic skills in the performance courses within this category.

3. Demonstrate a comprehension of the aesthetic/cultural values and historical developments within the content of the course.

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