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California State University, Sacramento


English 20 Graduation Requirement

The focus of English 20 is on exposition, argumentation, research and integration of multiple and varied texts. English 20 includes critical reading and analysis of text of all natures; martialling evidence through research, and constructing a well reasoned argument. The emphasis is on the improvement of students’ writing skills.

Course goals include:

  • Review and build on skills from English 1A
  • Develop students’ ability to summarize sophisticated texts and integrate texts of others into the students’ own writing.
  • Challenge students to read critically, to understand the ideas behind the issued to evaluate what they read, and to become better readers as well as writers.
  • Improve students’ ability to gather data by providing occasions for students to search for more information, and by providing a variety of sources and methods, including but not limited to library research, for finding this information.
  • Refine style; improve use of written language. Create an awareness of a sensitivity to written language by offering models of superior writing.
  • Increase students’ understanding of the multi-cultural nature of the world by including in the course reading materials from ethnic minority or non western writers and/or multicultural issues.

Students will:

Compose purposeful essays which summarize, evaluate and integrate texts outside their own experience.


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