Accessibility FAQ

The following links may take you to sites outside of the Sacramento State website. Questions about the Sacramento State Accessible Technology Initiative may be directed to

Accessible Technology Initiative FAQs

Section 508 FAQs

Where to Go For Additional Help on Campus

  • Accessible Technology Initiative Project (Accessible Technology Initiative Guidance, Plans, and Activities) - 278-7821
  • Academic Technology and Creative Services (Online Materials Development, WebCT, and Distance and Distributed Education) - 278-3370
  • Center for Teaching and Learning (Syllabus, Teaching and Learning Approaches) 278-5945
  • Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action/ADA Compliance Office (Complaints about Disability Access and Accommodations) - Del Norte Hall, Room 3001 (916) 278-3522
  • Faculty Staff Resource Center (Faculty Staff Software Training and Consultation) - 278-7337
  • Hornet Bookstore (Textbook and Course Material Orders) - 278-6448
  • Procurement and Contracts (Purchasing Procedures and Requirements) - 278-7322
  • Services to Students with Disabilities (SSWD) (Accommodations and Support Services for Students with Disabilities) - 278-6955
  • SSWD High Tech Center (Assistive Technology Training and Alternate Formats for Students with Disabilities) 278-7915
  • University Help Desk (Classroom Services, General IT Help questions) - 278-7337
  • Web Services (Web Pages and Web Templates) -