Accessible Technology Responsibilities for Purchases

  1. Section 508 requires that we purchase the most accessible electronic and/or information technology product/service that meets our business needs
  2. Collecting and maintaining all accessibility documentation for each purchase of electronic and or information technology is required and vital to ensure equal access for all.
  3. Should an electronic and/or information technology product/service not be fully accessible then an Equally Effective Alternative Access plan should be set into place to address the areas where the product/service is not fully accessible.
  4. Should anyone notify the campus of an access issue for a product/service that was purchased, the purchasing person/department must work with the person to provide accommodations, work arounds, and fixes to the access issue.
  5. Comply with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and all related accessibility laws and regulations set by the federal government; California Government Codes as related to accessibility; Chancellor’s Office Coded Memorandum AA-3013-03; and all prior memorandums in relation to accessibility.
  6. Should an audit be conducted by the US Department of Justice or any other agency, comply with and provide all required documentation for the audit.