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Sacramento State campus and American River

Welcome Message - Accessible Technology Initiative Newsletter

It is our pleasure to share with you on behalf of our campus colleagues this second issue of the Sacramento State Accessible Technology Initiative “Fast Facts for Accessibility” Newsletter.  We hope this newsletter will provide you with helpful information relevant to the implementation of the Accessible Technology Initiative, tips for how to design accessible instructional materials and web pages usable by all individuals, strategies to achieve compliance with IT purchases, and resources available to help the campus-at-large to improve access to information resources and technologies to individuals with disabilities".... Read more.

Accessible Technology Initiative

Making Accessibility Accessible

For some of us, when the word “accessibility” is applied to teaching, the word can be, strangely enough, inaccessible!   If the facility and equipment that students with disabilities need is in place, the charge of “making the learning experience accessible” can be difficult to figure out.  Actually, definitions of “accessibility” give some help. Accessibility can mean, “easy to approach, reach, enter, speak with, or use”; or “obtainable; attainable.”  There is nothing particularly magical about those adjectives relative to our teaching. While we do not water down our content, we can and do find ways that are sufficiently “easy to approach” that all students can obtain it.  We can do this regularly, using principles of universal design.. Read more

Recent/Upcoming Accessible Technology Events


More on Accessibility

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Web Central

Have you ever wondered what internet browsers are the most popular? Or how to reduce the spam that gets submitted through your web forms? As a part of Web Services effort to provide resources the campus web community needs and wants, there is Web Central, a website with tricks, tips, templates and links to a variety of web resources... Read more.

Students talking eachother on the Riverfront Center patio

Is My E-Text Ready?

“Is my e-text ready?” is the common question the students with print disabilities have been timidly asking the Alternative Media Unit  in the Services to Students with Disabilities’ High Tech Center as they see the stacks of books lined up for digital conversion.   This Spring semester the Alternative Media Unit has received approximately 418 requests for alternative media (e-text, Braille, audio, large print) from over 94 students.   The numbers will continue to climb as new students are referred by their Services to Students with Disabilities counselors for this accommodation... Read more.

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