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CSU Accessible Technology Initiative Timelines

Accessible Instructional Materials

  • Now: Timely identification and delivery of accessible print materials, e.g. textbooks and course packs
  • Now: Accessibility incorporated into new courses and new course content
  • Fall 2012: Instructional materials and websites for all course offerings are accessible

Web Accessibility

  • Now: All new and significantly redesigned administrative websites and content must be accessible
  • Spring 2009: All priority administrative websites critical to institutional access are accessible  
  • Spring 2012: All university websites, services and content are accessible

Accessible Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Procurement

  • Now: All E&IT acquisitions exceeding $15,000 must be reviewed for accessibility   
  • Fall 2009: All E&IT acquisitions over $2,500 must be reviewed for accessibility 
  • Fall 2010: Date to determine when all E&IT acquisitions less than $2,500 must be reviewed  


Note: The CSU system-wide ATI timelines and milestones are subject to change pursuant to CSU Coded Memoranda. See



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