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Purchasing with Part of an Order Being E&IT

By Dawn Futrell-Schilling, Compliance/Training Specialist

  • Determine if any part of the order will be considered electronic and information technology (E&IT)
    • Use the Buy Accessible wizard (
    • Use the CSU VPAT Database ( )
    • Talk to the ATI Compliance Specialist
    • Talk to Procurement & Contract Services
    • No, the Product is not E&IT
      • Enter Requisition in CMS
      • Requisition is turned into PO
      • Product Purchased
    • Yes, the product is E&IT
      • Request VPAT - Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (if unsuccessful in finding it in the CSU VPAT database) from vendor as part of your quote
        • Evaluate Product for Business needs and accessibility
        • Select product that best meets criteria
          • Submit E&IT Checklist & VPAT to ATI Compliance
          • Enter requisition in CMS
        • If product does not meet Section 508 or a vendor will not provide a VPAT, then if another similar product is available it must be considered

If you have any questions regarding accessibility requirements related to your purchase, please contact the Compliance/Training Specialist at

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