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Employees Share Thoughts about ATI Requirements for IT Purchases

  • “I do have a better understand of the ATI procurement process now… and now have a better idea of what to expect and how to explain our 508 requirement to vendors.  Understanding that the supplier is not always the manufacturer of a product is important.”
  • “I believe for completing my first purchasing following the ATI requirements that it went fairly well.”
  • “Continue informing the campus about the need and process for accessible E&IT procurement.”
  • “Ensure that there is someone who I can contact if I have a question/issue regarding the requirements/process”
  • “I believe there is some hype that the Section 508 requirement is going to hinder those attempting to procure products in the IT field, however I think if we work together as a group both the CSU and University we can develop a process that is not only friendly but easy to understand.”

For information for Employees with Electronic and Information Technology Procurement responsibilities, visit For help with meeting ATI requirements for IT purchases, please contact the ATI Compliance/Training Specialist at

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