Accessible IT Procurement

Introduction to Accessible Electronic and Information Technology (E&IT) Procurement

The university is required to purchase E&IT products and services that conform to standards of Section 508 Procurement.

  • Current Requirements: All requisitions containing E&IT with a total requisition amount totaling $2,500 or more.
    • Please note that the dollar threshold is just a guideline. High-impact items below the formal threshold may still require accessibility and/or security review. Items requiring review regardless of dollar amount are as follows:
      • Networked printers or copy machines with public access must be evaluated.
      • Web consulting/content/software must comply with both web accessibility and IT security policies.
      • Digital media materials (video, DVD, online content) need to be captioned or subtitled if commercially available.
  • Currently being reviewed by campus (with the release of coded memo AA-2013-03): the threshold for review and future implementation of E&IT purchases. 

Steps for Employees with Procurement Responsibilities

  1. Research
    A. Determine your needs/requirements for the products/services to be purchased
    B. Research which products/services are available for that need 
    C. Request the related accessibility documentation from vendor (e.g. Vendor Product Accessibility Template) if possible.
  2. Submit for E&IT Review
    A. Complete the web-based E&IT Procurement Review Form:
    B. Complete gathering of documentation on accessibility if required (i.e. VPAT for products, Accessibility Statement for services, caption information for videos, etc.) from vendor
    C. Email supporting documentation to the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist if required.
    D. Depending on the product/service being requested and its level of impact, approval may be required from one or more of the following reviewers: the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist, the Information Security Office, and/or the reviewing IT Administrator.
    E. If a full E&IT accessibility/security review is needed, work with the vendor and the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist and/or ISO to obtain the information requested. Full review could take one to eight weeks.
    F. After the E&IT review has been completed, the requestor will receive an email.
  3. Enter requisition into CFS
    A. Use commodity code 91900
    B. Upload PDF/document of approval email and other requested supporting documentation as an attachment to the CFS requisition, in the header comments.
    C. Use the standard comment for ATI documents when attaching documents.

Resources for Accessible Procurement

For assistance in research and/or questions related to ATI and E&IT, see the following:

Steps in E&IT Procurement:

Other Resources:

ATI Procurement Forms and Examples


Year-End IT Procurements Help Sessions: IT Procurement Open Lab Sessions are available to assist employees with the IT Procurement process, including submitting the E&IT Procurement Review web form and preparing attachments for the CFS Finance system.

Staff will help you enter your IT Procurement Review requests and answer any questions you might have on the IT Procurement process. If you have any questions, please email  or call 278-2588. 

ATI/IT Procurement Review: The new process for ATI/IT Procurement review began on November 15, 2011 for requisitions containing E&IT to be entered into CFS. This training covers the new ATI/IT Procurement requirements, the new process of using a new web form which utilizes automation of much review, obtaining the review and approval prior to entering a requisition, and step by step instructions on how the new web form and process works.

Procurement 101: Procurement 101 is a broad overview of procurement processes, guidelines and policy to introduce and familiarize the campus with the services that Procurement provides for the acquisition of supplies, equipment, materials, E&IT and services. To register for a session please email Dale Clack at

  • TBA

ATI and Procurement: This training is an overview of the requirements to meet accessibility in purchasing and the basics of how this requirement came about. Forms, deadlines, and upcoming changes are covered.

To schedule a training session for a department/division please email

For immediate assistance contact the IT/ATI Procurement Specialist or email

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