Academic Information Technology Committee (AITC)

Committee Info

Committee Chair:
Ronald Coleman
(916) 278-3474

Senate Analyst:
Kathy Garcia
(916) 278-6847

Committee Meetings:
1st & 3rd Fridays,
12:00 - 1:30 pm

2014-15 Agendas & Minutes

The Academic Information Technology Committee develops the Academic Information Strategic Plan, recommends Academic Information Technology Policy to the Faculty Senate, and serves as a consultative body regarding academically-related technology issues.



  • To develop an "Academic Information Technology" strategic plan.
  • To recommend "Academic Information Technology" policy to the Senate for approval
  • To provide for consultation in academic related Information Technology decision making that impact academic users, balancing the Colleges' ability to provide resources and services to academic units and the University's ability to provide resources and services to the campus community.


  • To develop and implement a process for assessing the goals and objectives of the "Academic Information Technology" strategic plan.
  • To prepare and present an annual report of findings and recommendations to 1) the Faculty Senate, and 2) Academic Affairs.
  • To assess the usability of existing academic related Information Technology resources and services; and to make recommendations to Academic Affairs for improved usability as well as improved support for users customer relationship management of these resources and services.


Voting members: Ten faculty members: one faculty representative from each of the seven  Colleges, recommended by each College Academic Council; one non-instructional faculty representative from the Library; one  faculty member from the Senate Executive Committee; one representative from the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) designated by the Center for Teaching and Learning Board. The term of appointment shall be for three years. The terms will be staggered with appointments approved by the Faculty Senate.

Non-voting members: five ex-officio non-voting members: one College Dean, designated by the president; one College level individual responsible for information technology designated by the president; one  Representative from CCMS designated by the President; one student representative recommended by the president of the Associated Students and appointed by the president of the university; director for Academic Technology

Qualifications for Membership: Members must be able to articulate their unit's perspective and work collaboratively in making decisions that are in the best interest of the University community.



  • The Committee shall be a committee of the Faculty Senate, reporting to the Executive Committee.
  • Issues addressed by the Committee may be referred by the Executive Committee to any of the four standing committees of the Faculty Senate.
  • Any of the four standing committee of the Faculty Senate may refer issues to the Committee through the Executive Committee.
  • Institutional Research shall work with the Committee in developing a methodology for gathering and assessing the usability of academically related Information Technology resources and services.
  • Institutional Research shall work with the Committee in developing a methodology for assessing progress in achieving the goals and objectives of the Academic Information Technology Strategic Plan.
  • Academic Affairs shall provide for the clerical support, including but not limited to notice and establishing meeting dates, taking and disseminating meeting minutes, circulating printed materials, general correspondence and the preparation of draft and final reports, posting of information on a WEB page, etc.

Committee Meetings:

  1. The Committee shall elect a chair at the end of each academic year to serve during the coming academic year.
  2. The Chair is responsible for establishing the agenda for each meeting.
  3. The meeting agenda and supporting documentation shall be distributed to Committee members at least 72 hours prior to the meeting.
  4. A quorum of the Committee shall require the presence of at least six voting members (with a minimum of four College faculty representatives).

Approved by the Faculty Senate, unanimously: December 12, 2002. (This document reflects changes made to the ex officio members by President Gerth