Program Review Oversite Subcommittee (PROC)

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Committee Chair:
Jeffrey Brodd

Subcommittee Staff Support:

Janett Torset
(916) 278-5933

Meetings: 4th Tuesday, 1:30 - 2:50 pm, SAC 275

Committee Membership

2014-15 Agendas & Minutes

The Program Review Oversight Subcommittee is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate Curriculum Policies Committee (CPC). The Program Review Oversight Subcommittee is responsible for reviewing any pending program reviews that have been given conditional approval in previous reviews. (FS 03-57: 11/20/03; supersedes AS 96-88)


The Program Review Team chairs, a Faculty Senate appointee, and a representative from the Curriculum Policies committee will comprise the Program Review Oversight Committee. Members will be appointed by the Curriculum Policies Committee upon recommendation from the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs or designee. Care will be taken to stagger terms of members to ensure a membership that is sufficiently experienced.

The Oversight Committee will meet at the beginning of the semester for a general briefing of all Program Reviews for that semester and again at the end of the semester to hear review report summaries of all programs and to give advisement to one another regarding the wording of recommendations and potential conditional approvals.


If a Program Review Team is to recommend a conditional approval, the Program Review Team chair must present the basis for the recommendation to the Oversight Committee. The Oversight Committee, excluding the chair of the review in question, will vote on conditional or full approval. A simple majority vote is required.

In the case of conditional approval, all conditions must be specific and clearly stated. Each must state exactly the conditions to be met, when the conditions must be met, and the consequences if the conditions are not met within the timeline specified. The Department in conjunction with the Dean of the College must develop and submit a plan for meeting the conditions within two weeks of notification by the Oversight Committee. The Program Review Oversight Committee must approve the plan. At the conclusion of the agreed upon timeline, the department will submit response to the Oversight Committee for review.

The Program Review Oversight Committee will be responsible for reviewing any pending program reviews that have been given conditional approval in previous reviews. If the Oversight Committee accepts the report, the department’s approval will be extended to the full six years. If the Oversight Committee concludes that the submitted report does not meet the specified conditions, the Committee will submit a statement of their conclusions to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee and the Associate VP of Academic Affairs for further action. Such actions as deemed appropriate might include discontinuation of a program or a curricular track within a program or censure by the Faculty Senate.

The Chair of the Program Review Oversight Committee may, with the agreement of the program Review Team and the program reviewed that they have no substantive disagreements, declare a review complete and send it to the VPAA and the President and the Senate without panel evaluation of the draft review.

If deemed necessary by the Chair of the department being reviewed, a Panel is appointed by the Program Review Oversight Committee to evaluate the draft review The Panel consults with the reviewed unit, the dean of the unit’s College, the Program Review Team and other parties as the Panel considers appropriate. The Panel may take reasoned exception to the draft review narrative, and has full authority to delete, modify, or add recommendations to the draft review recommendations.

Rev 8/14/14