California State University, Sacramento

Wednesday, August 30, 2006
Redwood Room, University Union
1:00 p.m.

Voting Members Present (+ indicates alternate):

Present: +Altmann, Nursing; Amata, CPC Chair (Library); Anderegg, Student Services; Baird, Bilingual/Multicultural Education; Barrick, Learning Skills; +Bellon, Philosophy; Bikle, Criminal Justice; Bishop, Anthropology; Blumberg, Music; Bowie, Social Work; Brock, Special Education, Rehabilitation and School Psychology; Buckley, APC Chair and ASCSU Senator (Computer Science); Cornwell, Geology; Datwyler, Biological Sciences; Davis O'Hara, Child Development; Escamilla, Physical Therapy; Fitzgerald, Communication Studies; Gieger, English; Gordon, Computer Science; Hamilton, Mathematics and Statistics; Holl, Mechanical Engineering; Imamura, Kinesiology and Health Science; Jacobs, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies; A. Jensen, Business Administration; C. Jensen, ASCSU Senator (Public Policy and Administration); Jones, Criminal Justice; Kirlin, Public Policy and Administration; Kornweibel, Emeritus Faculty (History); Kuehl-Kitchen, Kinesiology and Health Science; Landerholm, Biological Sciences; Liu, Sociology; Lustig, Government; Masuyama, Foreign Languages; Melzer, English; McCurley, Student Services; O'Hanlon, Speech Pathology and Audiology; Peigahi, Library; Pinch, Recreation and Leisure Studies; Qin, Psychology; Sharp, Business Administration; Siegler, FPC Chair (Economics); Siegel, History; Sobredo, Ethnic Studies; Taylor, Physics and Astronomy; Van Gaasbeck, Economics; Wall, Nursing
Absent: Brentwood, Environmental Studies; Dammel, Civil Engineering; Flohr, Art; Gibbs, Design; Gregory, History; Hecsh, Teacher Education; Heedley, Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Huang, Teacher Education; Ingram, Mathematics and Statistics; Kuss, Library; Legoretta, Business Administration; Matisons, Women's Studies; Nylund, Social Work; Paradis, Chemistry; Phillips, Temporary Faculty (English); Wie, Family and Consumer Sciences; vacant, Athletics; vacant, Humanities; vacant, Theatre and Dance



Background: Article II.F of the By-laws of the Faculty Senate state: "If the office of Vice Chair becomes vacant, the vacancy shall be filled by nomination and election at the first meeting of the Faculty Senate after the vacancy occurs. Any of the other elected members of the Executive Committee shall be eligible to be elected Vice Chair. If a Chair of a Standing Committee is elected Vice Chair, the Vice Chair of the Standing Committee shall execute the office of Chair of the Standing Committee until a successor can be elected as provided below. If an at-large member of the Executive Committee is elected Vice Chair, an election shall be held then and there to fill the vacated seat of the at-large member of the Executive Committee who has just been elected Vice Chair." Leon Wiebers, Senator representing Theatre and Dance, has resigned.

The following senators were nominated for Vice Chair:

Lila Jacobs, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies
James Sobredo, Ethnic Studies

James Sobredo was elected to serve as Vice Chair.