California State University, Sacramento

Thursday, May 3, 2007
Foothill Suite, 3rd Floor, University Union
- 5:00 p.m.




Academic Policies Committee
Candace Gregory-Abbott, At-large, 2010
Anne Bradley, LIB/SS, 2010
Kristin VanGaasbeck, At-large, 2010
Kristen Anderegg, Senator, 2008

Curriculum Policies Committee
Dan Melzer, At-large, 2010
Brett Holland, At-large, 2010

Faculty Policies Committee
Mark Siegler, At-large, 2010
Tom Peavy, At-large, 2010
Wendy Cunningham, At-large, 2010
Ernest Uwazie, At-large, 2009

General Education Policies/Graduation Requirements Policies Committee
Reza Peigahi, LIB/SS, 2010
Jessica Howell, At-large, 2010
Noelle McCurley, Senator, 2009

Elections Committee
Molly Dugan
Jonathan Kaplan
Maureen Smith
Hong Wang
Anne Bradley

Committee on Diversity and Equity
Margarita Berta-Avila, At-large, 2010

Livingston Annual Faculty Lecture
Susan Holl, At-large, 2010
Maureen Smith, At-large, 2010

Faculty Endowment for Student Scholarships
Christi Cervantes, At-large, 2010
Hellen Lee-Keller, At-large, 2010

Pedagogy Enhancement Awards Subcommittee
Molly Dugan, A&L, 2010




FS 07-23/Flr. Resolution for Protecting Academic Programs at CSUS
Whereas, Funds for Academic Affairs and the instructional program at CSU Sacramento have been severely reduced over the last decade, resulting in a decline in tenured and tenure-track faculty recruited and retained, cancelled courses and overcrowded classes; and

The numbers of administrators (MPP) have grown out of proportion to faculty hires and student enrollments, and their salaries have been increased to the detriment of necessary campus programs; and

Whereas, University Advancement Offices should be able to raise at least the equivalent of their annual budgets by their own fund-raising activities; therefore be it

The Faculty Senate recommends there shall be a freeze effective immediately on all hiring and salary increases for CSUS employees classified as part of the Management Personnel Plan (MMP) and whose salaries are paid entirely or in part from the General Fund; the freeze to remain in effect until the Faculty Senate determines that new hiring or salary augmentations will not adversely affect the hiring of full-time tenure track faculty members and the instructional budget for Academic Affairs; and, be it further

Resolved The Faculty Senate recommends the University Advancement Office shall by the beginning of the 2009-2010 fiscal year fund its entire budget from monies it has been able to generate from non-CSU sources.
FS 07-24/Flr. Resolution Requiring the President to Report on Budgets and MPP’s
WHEREAS Strengthening academic programs, to assure quality education for all students, is the mission of CSUS – and the imperative, and
WHEREAS In the name of CSUS, millions of dollars are generated in separate enterprises, and
WHEREAS There has not been a public reporting of these revenues and the profits produced, and
WHEREAS The President has discretionary power to use these funds, without reporting to the University community, how they were expended, and
WHEREAS The numbers of MPPs have increased dramatically, at the same time that academic budgets have been cut; therefore, be it
RESOLVED The Faculty Senate recommends that - for each of the following funds:
  • University Advancement
  • University Development
  • University Enterprises
  • University Trust Funds
  • Regional and Continuing Education

The President of CSUS shall report to the Faculty Senate:

The assets in these funds, at the beginning of the academic year, 2003/04 The budgets of these enterprises from 2003/04 through 2006/07 The revenues and income The net profits, and how they were expended by April 19, 2007, and be it further

RESOLVED The Faculty Senate recommends that - for MPPs, the President of CSUS shall report to the Faculty Senate, for each academic year from 2003/04 through 2006/07:
  • Number
  • Names
  • Positions
  • Salaries
  • Budgets to which the positions were charged By April 19, 2007


  1. Faculty Senate's home page:  www.csus.edu/acse, or, from the CSUS home page, click on Administration and Policy, then Administration, then Faculty Senate.
  2. Upcoming Senate meetings:
  • May 10, 2007 - tentative