College of Arts and Letters (established 1996-1997):
Robert Olmstead, English, 1996-97
Sally Perkins, Communication Studies, 1997-98
David Madden, English, 1998-99
Lucien L. Agosta, English, 1999-00
Lawrence Chase, Communication Studies, 2000-01
Randolph Mayes, Philosophy, 2001-02
Virginia Kidd, Communication Studies, 2002-03
Edith LeFebvre, Communication Studies, 2003-04
Joshua McKinney, English, 2004-05
Stephanie Tucker, English, 2005-06
Kimo Ah Yun, Communication Studies, 2006-07
Matthew McCormick, Philosophy, 2007-08
Michelle Felton, Theatre and Dance, 2008-09
Rebecca Kluchin, History, 2009-10
Daniel Frye, Art, 2010-11
Lorelei Bayne, Theatre and Dance, 2012-13
School of Arts and Sciences (three schools as of 1996-97):
Kenneth Owens, History, 1992-93
M. Hossein Partovi, Physics and Astronomy, 1992-93
Addison Somerville, Psychology, 1992-93
William Dorman, Journalism, 1993-94
Shotaro Hayashigatani, Ethnic Studies Center, 1993-94
Peter Shattuck, History, 1993-94
Marda West, Biological Sciences, 1993-94
Daniel R. Decious, Chemistry, 1994-95
Linda Palmer, English, 1994-95
Mark R. Stoner, Communication Studies, 1994-95
Rose L. Vines, Biological Sciences, 1994-95
Juanita Barrena, Biological Sciences, 1995-96
Diane Carlson, Geology, 1995-96
Scott Farrand, Mathematics, 1995-96
Mark Hennelly, Jr., English, 1995-96
College of Business Administration:
Suzanne M. Ogilby, Accountancy, 1993-94
Reginald A. Goodfellow, Organizational Behavior and Environment, 1994-95
Lindle Hatton, Management, 1995-96
P. Michael Sparks, Organizational Behavior and Environment, 1996-97
Gail Tom, Management, 1997-98
Hamid Ahmadi, Management, 1998-99
Craig Kelley, Management, 1999-00
Manfred “Bob” Hopfe, Management Information Science, 2000-01
Merle Martin, Accountancy, 2001-02
Ralph Pope, Management, 2002-03
Craig Kelley, Management, 2003-04
Chris Sablynski, Organizational Behavior and Environment, 2004-05
Stanley Han, Management, 2005-06
Chris Sablynski, Human Resources Area, 2006-07
Laura Riolli, Management Area, 2007-08
Hakan Ozcelik, Management Area, 2008-09
No winner, 2010-11
Ann Fuller, Management Area, 2011-12
Pingsheng Tong, Marketing Area, 2012-13

College of Education:
James R. Neal, Teacher Education, 1992-93
Chris Hasegawa, Teacher Education, 1993-94
William Harris, Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology, 1994-95
Paula Gardner, Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology, 1995-96
Nadeen Ruiz, Bilingual Multicultural Education, 1996-97
Elva Durán, Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology, 1997-98
Bruce Ostertag, Special Education, Rehabilitation, and School Psychology, 1998-99
Nancy Cecil, Teacher Education, 1999-00
Cid Gunston-Parks, Teacher Education, 2000-01
Paula Gardner, Special Education, Rehabilitation and School Psychology, 2001-02
Sherrie Carinci, Teacher Education, 2002-03
Rosemary Papalewis, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, 2003-04
John McFadden, Bilingual/Multicultural Education, 2004-05
Kimberly Gordon, Child Development, 2005-06
Kristin Alexander, Child Development, 2006-07
Marielle Brandt, Counselor Education, 2007-08
Porfirio Loeza, Teacher Education, 2008-09
Sheri Hembree, Teacher Education, 2009-10
Porfirio Loeza, Teacher Education, 2008-09
Stephanie Biagetti, Teacher Education, 2010-11
Sherrie Carinci, Teacher Education, 2011-12
Frank Lilly, Teacher Education, 2012-13

College of Engineering and Computer Science:
S.K. Ramesh, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1992-93
John L. Clevenger, Computer Science, 1993-94
Kenneth Kerri, Civil Engineering, 1994-95
John Gwynn, Jr., Computer Science, 1995-96
Turan Gonen, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1996-97
Jean-Pierre Bayard, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1997-98
Fred Reardon, Mechanical Engineering, 1998-99
Preetham B. Kumar, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 1999-00
Estelle Eke, Mechanical Engineering, 2000-01
Cui Zhang, Computer Science, 2001-02
James Bergquam, Mechanical Engineering, 2002-03
John Oldenburg, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2003-04
Martin Meyers, Computer Science, 2004-05
Tien-I Liu, Mechanical Engineering, 2005-06
John Clevenger, Computer Science, 2006-07
Perry Heedley, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2007-08
Turan Gonen, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 2008-09
Tim Marbach, Mechanical Engineering, 2009-10
Benjamin Fell, Civil Engineering, 2010-11
Patrick Homen, Department Mechanical Engineering, 2011-12
V. Scott Gordon, Computer Science, 2012-13

College of Health and Human Services:
Lynn Cooper, Division of Social Work, 1992-93
Fred Baldini, Health and Physical Education, 1993-94
Carolyn VanCouwenberghe, Division of Nursing, 1997-98
Louis Elfenbaum, Health and Physical Education, 1998-99
Ernie Olson, Recreation and Leisure Studies, 1999-00
Candace Goldsworthy, Speech Pathology and Audiology, 2000-01
Lindy Valdez, Kinesiology and Health Science, 2001-02
Francis Yuen, Division of Social Work, 2002-03
No winner 2003-04
Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin, Speech Pathology and Audiology, 2004-05
Debra Harms, Speech Pathology and Audiology, 2005-06
Brad Stockert, Physical Therapy, 2006-07
Michael Wright, Kinesiology and Health Science, 2007-08
Debra Brady, Division of Nursing, 2008-09
Mary Maguire, Division of Criminal Justice, 2009-10
Julie Mumma, Division of Criminal Justice, 2010-11
Lisa Jorgensen, Recreation, Parks and Tourism, 2011-12 (co-recipient)
Michael McKeough, Physical Therapy, 2011-12 (co-recipient)

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics:
Jeri M. Langham, Biological Sciences, 1996-97
Michael Shea, Physics and Astronomy, 1997-98
Melanie W. Loo, Biological Sciences, 1998-99
Elizabeth Ebrahimzadeh, Mathematics and Statistics, 1999-00
Robert Metcalf, Biological Sciences, 2000-01
Richard Fish, Chemistry, 2001-02
Sukhbir Mahajan, Physics and Astronomy, 2002-03
No winner 2003-04
Jennifer Lundmark, Biological Sciences, 2004-05
Judi Kusnick, Geology, 2005-06
Susanne Lindgren, Biological Sciences, 2006-07
Tim Horner, Geology, 2007-08
Linda Roberts, Chemistry, 2008-09
Edward Bradley, Mathematics & Statistics, 2009-10
Lisa Hammersley, Geography, 2010-11
Jeff Pardis, Chemistry, 2011-12
Tracy Hamilton, Mathematics and Statistics, 2012-13

College of Social Sciences and Interdisciplinary Studies:
Robert Kloss, Sociology, 1996-97
John Henry, Economics, 1997-98
Jeffrey Lustig, Government, 1998-99
John Syer, Government, 1999-00
Dr. Diana Tumminia, Sociology, 2000-01
Ted Lascher, Public Policy and Administration, 2001-02
Amy Quiaoming Liu, Sociology, 2002-03
Rita Cameron-Wedding, Women’s Studies Program and Ethnic Studies, 2003-04
Robert Jensen, Psychology, 2004-05
Samantha Hens, Anthropology, 2005-06
George Parrott, Psychology, 2006-07
Rachel August, Psychology, 2007-08
Julie Figueroa, Ethnic Studies, 2008-09
Gregory Kim-Ju, Psychology, 2009-10
Ellen Berg, Sociology, 2010-11
Emily Wickelgren, Psychology, 2011-12
Sujatha Moni, Women’s Studies, 2012-13

Betty Ronayne, 2006
Linda Goff, 2007
Reza Peigahi, 2008
No winner 2008-09