Lifetime Achievement Award Selection Committee

Committee Info

Tom Krabacher

Administrative Support:
Kathy Garcia, Senate Analyst
Faculty Senate Office
(916) 278-6847

Committee Members

The Lifetime Achievement Award Selection Committee is a subcommittee of the Faculty Senate Faculy Policies Committee (FPC).

Nominations (same as OCSA)

Nominations may be made by faculty, self, administrators, students, or external community members.  The process for soliciting nominations on-campus shall be the responsibility of colleges and other nominating units. The Faculty Senate Office shall assume responsibility for publicizing the awards to on-campus constituencies. The Faculty Senate Office shall request assistance from the Office of Community Collaboration for publicizing the awards to the Sacramento community.


All faculty who have engaged in 10 years or more of professional service to the community are eligible for nominations.  This includes faculty in each of the seven Colleges as well as those classified as non-instructional faculty:  the librarians, student services professionals (academically related), and coaches.  Faculty are only eligible for one Lifetime Achievement Award for Community Service. 


  • Faculty –  1 faculty each year from each college, plus one representative from the Library, student affairs professionals and coaches, also elected annually
  • Students –  2, appointed by ASI
  • External community members – 2 selected by President’s office
  • President’s Office designee
  • Faculty Policies Committee liaison
  • Director of the Office of Community Collaboration, ex officio. (Votes only if there is a tie.)

Selection Criteria

Community service is defined as professionally related work that is undertaken to enhance the public good, and not to enhance personal income or corporate profit.  Awards will be given for service that has applied the nominee’s professional knowledge and skills to addressing community needs over a decade or more, and has created an enduring legacy for the Sacramento region or beyond.  Within the relevant time period (the previous 10 years or more) only service completed while employed as a faculty member by CSU, Sacramento will be considered. 

Priority will be given to nominees who provide evidence of significant, long-term impact of their service work on the community and the university. 

Evidence of impact on the community may include but is not limited to: 

  • Documentation of positive, enduring outcomes of the service activity on quality of life in the Sacramento region or beyond – outcomes may be economic, social, and/or cultural
  • Documentation of enduring, positive outcomes for specific public benefit agencies, organizations, or vulnerable populations 

Evidence of impact on the university may include but is not limited to:

  • Documented creation of enduring opportunities for students to combine learning and service, e.g., service learning courses, internships, Master’s theses, and participation in civic improvement and/or citizen action projects.
  • Documented positive student outcomes from involvement in the nominee’s community service work, over a period of 10 years or more
  • Relevance of service outcomes to university mission and goals
  • Acquisition of grant funds and other resources for the university
  • Documented creation of new research and consultation opportunities for faculty over a 10-year period or more

Calendar and Administration (same as OCSA)

Timelines for nomination and selection for the award shall be determined by the Faculty Senate Office.  The Faculty Senate Office shall distribute nominating materials and publicize the award on campus, and also request assistance from the Office of Community Collaboration for soliciting nominations from members of the community at large. 

(FS 03-13)