Contact Info

Emily Wickelgren
(916) 278-6871

Faculty Representatives:

Panel 1:

  • Tom Krabacher, Geography (NSM) - term ends Spring 2017
  • Megan Heinicke, Psychology (SSIS) - term ends Spring 2019

Panel 2:

  • James Miranda, Chemistry (NSM) - term ends Spring 2018
  • Katherine Kelly, Nursing (HHS) - term ends Spring 2019

Panel 3:

  • Melissa Holland, Graduate and Professional Studies (EDU) - term ends Spring 2018
  • Russell Loving, Criminal Justice (HHS) - term ends Spring 2019

Description of Duties:

Members of grade appeals panels determine the outcome of grade appeals filed by students who disupte a grade in the semester following the assignment of the grade in question. Effort is made to avoid assigning a grade appeal to a panel within any panelist's department and when possible, within the panelist's college. The panels follow the process outlined in the policy found online at http:/