Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Committee (IAAC)

Contact Info

Maureen Smith


 Faculty Representatives: 8

  • Sue Holl, Mechanical Engineering (ECS), term ends 2017
  • Julian Heilig, Doctorate in Edcational Leadership (EDU), term ends Spring 2017
  • David Evans, Geology (NSM), term ends Spring 2017
  • Casey Knifsend, Psychology (SSIS), term ends Spring 2017
  • Maureen Smith, Kinesiology and Health Sciences (HHS), term ends 2018
  • Patrick Ettinger, History (A&L), term ends Spring 2018
  • Cheng-I (Eric) Lin, Finance (CBA), term ends Spring 2018
  • Reza Peigahi, Library, term ends Spring 2018

Term of Service: 2 years

Meetings: Fridays, one to two times a semester from 7:30 -9:00 am