Communications Archive

Fall 2015

Date Published Title & Link Description Target Method
July 11, 2014 FHD Save the Date Save-the-Date for Future Hornet Day 2014 Prospects & Counselors email
July 11, 2014 FHD Academic Fair Save-the-Date for the Academic Fair FHD 2014 Deans & Dept Chairs email
July 2014 The BUZZ FTF The Buzz for Freshman F15 FTF prospects print
July 2014 The BUZZ UDT The Buzz for Transfer F15 UDT prospects print
July 2014 Trifold Brochure 2014/15 TriFold Brochure Update All Prospects print
Sept 5, 2014 FHD Invitation Invitation to Future Hornet Day 2015 F15 Prospects email
Oct 1, 2014 Apply Now Notice of open for applications F15 Prospects email
Oct 1, 2014 App Acknowledge Application acknowledgement message F15 applicants email
Oct 10, 2014 FHD Confirmation Future Hornet Day Registration Confirmation F15 FHD Registrants email
Oct 13, 2014 FHD Reminder Reminder to register for Future Hornet Day F15 prospects email
Oct 20, 2014 Impacted Majors Notice to applicants of Impacted Majors F15 applicants email
Oct 22, 2014 FHD Survey Survey to Future Hornet Day Participants FHD Participants email
Nov 13, 2014 Apply Now Apply Now Reminder - Made at SacState F15 Prospects email
Nov 21, 2014 App Fee Reminder Reminder to pay application fee F15 applicants email
Nov 21, 2014 App Fee Waiver Notice of App Fee Waiver Denied, Fee Due F15 AFW applicants email