AB540 requires that state colleges and universities keep student information confidential. A student's immigration status cannot and will not be reported to immigration officials or any other third party.

AB540 Directory

Additional Resource Guides for Students & Parents

California Dream Act at a Glance, One Page Flyer

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AB540, A Guide for Immigrant Youth

http://www.ilrc.org/files/youth_handbook_english_0.pdf (English)
http://www.ilrc.org/files/documents/vivir_en_los_estados_unidos.pdf (Spanish)

AB540/Undocumented Student Resource Guide (CFC Edition)


AB540, A Guide for Parents

http://e4fc.org/images/E4FC_ParentGuide.pdf (English)
http://e4fc.org/images/E4FC_ParentGuide_Spanish.pdf (Spanish)

Free Legal Service for Undocumented Students

Educators for Fair Consideration: http://e4fc.org/legalservices.html.
E4FC's Case Analysis Service provides free analysis of possible immigration remedies and benefits to immigrant students nationwide. This confidential and anonymous service is intended for immigrant students who do not yet have legal residency or citizenship in the United States. Students should be under 35 years old and enrolled (or intending to enroll) in college.