Communications Archive

Spring 2015

Date Published Title & Link Description Target Method
August 1, 2014 Apply Now! Invitation to apply for Spring 2015 UDT prospects email
August 1, 2014 Application Correction Form Form to submit corrections to application UDT applicants online
August 11, 2014 Application Acknowledgement Application acknowledgement for Spring 2015 S15 applicants email
August 11, 2014 Impacted Majors Notice Notice of Impacted Majors for Spring 2015 S15 impacted major applicants email
August 15, 2014 Apply Now Reminder Reminder to apply for Spring 2015 UDT prospects email
August 18, 2014 Pscyhology Impaction Notice Notice to applicants of Psychology Impaction S15 Psych applicants email
August 29, 2014 Apply Now Final Reminder Final reminder to Apply for Spring 2015 UDT prospects email
Sept 3, 2014 Transcript Reminder Notice to submit transcripts by September 15 S15 applicants email
Sept 5, 2014 App Fee Reminder Reminder to pay Application Fee by Sept 15 S15 applicants w/o fee email
Sept 8, 2014 Appeal for denied AFW Instructions from Financial Aid for denied AFW S15 applicants no AFW email
Sept 8, 2014 Application Fee Waiver Denied Notice of app fee waiver denied/fee due S15 applicants no AFW email
Sept 8, 2014 Notice of Admission Admission Notice for UDT Spring 2015 S15 UDT admits email
Sept 8, 2014 UDT Admission Checklist Checklist for UDT Admission S15 admitted email
Sept 9, 2014 Criminal Justice Impaction Impaction notice to admitted Criminal Justice students S15 CRJ admits email
Sept 9, 2014 Business Impaction Impaction notice to admitted Business students S15 CBA admits email
Sept 22, 2014 App Fee Missing Withdrawn Notice of withdrawn - Missing Application Fee S15 applicants no app fee email
Sept 23, 2014 NonResidency Notice Notice of Non-Residency Status S15 admitted nonresident email
Sept 23, 2014 Health Science Impaction Impaction notice to admitted Health Science students S15 HS admits email
Sept 30, 2014 Ineligible Notice Notice of ineligibility S15 ineligible applicants email
Oct 3, 2014 Missing Docs Withdrawn Notice of application withdrawn for missing documents S15 applicants w/o docs email
Oct 8, 2014 Dismissed Ineligible Notice to dismissed of ineligibility for re-admission S15 DM applicants email
Oct 8, 2014 Dismissed pending reinstatement Notice to dismissed students pending reinstatement S15 DM applicants email
Oct 8, 2014 Disqualified Ineligible Notice to disqualified students ineligible for Spring S15 DQ applicants email
Oct 13, 2014 LDT/2nd BA Withdrawn Application Withdrawn Lower Division Transfer/2nd BA S15 LDT 2BA applicants email
Oct 14, 2014 Name Change Process Notice to change name on previous records S15 apps - as needed email
Oct 17, 2014 ADT Proof Required Proof of Assoc Degree for Transfer required S15 admits w/ADT email
Oct 20, 2014 ITE/Orientation Reminder Reminder to ITE and register for Orientation S15 admits email
Oct 29, 2014 Housing Information Information from Housing & Residential Life S15 admits email
Oct 29, 2014 Orientation Notice Notice to register for Orientation S15 admits w/VER email
Nov 3, 2014 No ITE Withdrawn Notice of withdrawal for missing ITE deadline S15 admits no ITE email
Nov 3, 2014 Appeal Waitlist Offer Offer for waitlist to approved appellants S15 appellants email
Nov 7, 2014 Admission Rescinded Notice of ineligibility - admission rescinded S15 admits/ineligible email
Dec 8, 2014 No Orientation Registration Notice of withdrawal for not registering for Orientation S15 admits w/o Orientation email
Dec 10, 2014 Proof of Eligibility Required Notice of missing requirements, registration hold S15 admits w/F14 coursework email
Dec 18, 2014 Appeal Decision Notice of appeal decision, invite to apply for Fall S15 appellants email
Dec 18, 2014 Orientation Appeal Approved Notice of approved appeal to attend Orientation S15 appellants email
Jan 7, 2015 Final Transcript Reminder Final notice to submit transcripts S15 admits email
Jan 14, 2015 Missed Orientation Withdrawn Withdrawn notice for not attending Orientation S15 w/o orientation email
Feb 18, 2015 Document Hold Notice Notice of hold for missing transcripts S15 enroll w/o transcripts email
Feb 11, 2015 AA-T AS-T Verification Notice to provide final verification of AA-T/AS-T S15 AA-T/AS-T admits email