Counselor Connection

Information and Resources for our Community College and High School Counselor Colleagues

Sac State appreciates the critical role that guidance counselors and advisors play in advising our Future Hornets.  We thank you for the time you invest in your students as they move through the admissions process.  Sac State’s applicant pool is always exceptional because of the excellent students you send our way.  We also appreciate your continued efforts after students receive the Sac State admissions notice.

We know that you have many responsibilities and need accurate information quickly.  In addition to the admissions web site and publications, we have numerous admissions counselors and outreach and recruitment staff to assist you, your students and their families. 

We strive to visit as many high schools and community colleges as we can and we welcome your phone calls and emails throughout the year, so please contact us when you need assistance.  You can also contact us to request our participation in one of your events.

If you have not been to SacState for a visit lately, please plan to attend one of our upcoming events and schedule a tour, and encourage your students and their families to visit. We also host online events for added convenience and for those who may not be able to visit in person.