I Was Not Admitted

If you have been notified that you were not admitted to Sacramento State, please take a moment to review the CSU eligibility requirements and compare them to your own academic accomplishments. It is our hope that you continue to strive to meet the CSU eligibility requirements and that we see you at Sacramento State in a future term.

Second Review Request

If you have reviewed the eligibility requirements listed on the "I Want To Apply" page and compared them to your own academic accomplishments, and you feel that you DO meet these requirements and are eligible for admission, we invite you to submit a request for a second review of your application.  You will receive an email within 10 days of your admission decision notifying you of this decision which will contain a link to important information and instructions to request a second review.  If you do not receive this email containing the link, you can contact us at (916) 278-7766 for assistance.

Requests for a second review, along with all documentation, must be submitted within 15 days of notice of your admission decision.

Appeal Request

Applicants to Sacramento State who do not meet academic admission requirements and/or missed an undergraduate admissions deadline may request further consideration by submitting information which demonstrates their potential for academic success at the University. For a small percentage of prospective freshman and transfer students, their academic eligibility may be weighed alongside other criteria such as: first generation college status, socioeconomic factors, an indication of overcoming educational hardship, skills or talents that align with or contribute to University programs or enrich the educational experience of the campus community.

Your notice of ineligibility or application withdrawal will include a link to file an appeal.  If you do not receive this message and/or link you need to contact us immediately by email to:  admissions@csus.edu

If you have not applied to the university and are appealing to be allowed to apply after the deadline, you must contact us immediately by email to:  admissions@csus.edu for instructions.

Please note that you can only submit one appeal per application cycle, if you have already completed an appeal for a past deadline or requirement all future appeals will be denied.

For consideration of an appeal, you must submit the appeal request and any required supporting documents within 15 days of the missed deadline and/or notice of ineligibility.