Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I plan on transferring to Sac State or a different school, what is the process?

A: Your academic schedule and ROTC should match up as best as possible. Plan to transfer to Sac State or equivalent at the beginning of your junior year of ROTC. It is possible to transfer to a different state or college that has an AFROTC detachment. Talk with our cadre.

Q: Can I earn my degree early?

A: You must remain a full time undergraduate student until the end of your AS300 year.  After that point you still must remain a full time student working on either a second bachelor's degree or master's degree.  You can extend your academics, work on your masters, but you should have cadre review your transcripts first.

Q: What if I already have college credits??

A: Our cadre will review all records and inform you of all possibilities.

Q: What if I have a class that conflicts with ROTC schedule?

A: You must make every effort to deconflict your schedule.  All conflicts will be handled on a case by case basis by discussing options with cadre.

Q: I graduate soon can I still join ROTC?

A: In general you need three years left on your degree, but there are some options.  Contact detachment cadre for more information on your specific situation.

Q: Is it competitive to stay in the program?

A: Yes, you will compete during your second year of ROTC to earn a field training slot. Once you complete field training you will contract/enlist with the Air Force.  You will be able to compete for Field Training for two years.  If not selected after the second time, you will not be able to complete AFROTC.

Q: When/how long is field training?

A: Field training is held at Maxwell, AFB Alabama during the summer. It is 24 days long with start dates from May to Aug.

Q: Does ROTC have scholarships?

A: Yes, there is the potential to earn a scholarship.  See for more information on scholarship opportunities.

Q: When do I put in for pilot slots?

A: Pilot selection will be during your AS300 or AS400 year of ROTC and is open for all academic majors.

Q: What other costs are associated with joining?

A: Uniforms and books are provided at no cost to the cadet.  For our cross-town cadets they will need to pay for the courses (currently $65.00/unit) and a CSUS parking pass.