What is ROTC?

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Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFROTC) is an educational program designed to allow young men and women to pursue a commission in the United States Air Force. This can be accomplished by first attending a community college then transferring to a four-year university or starting off at a four-year university and graduating with a Bachelors degree. The cadre and staff are the active duty personnel that mentor and oversee the training program for cadets.  Additionally, they teach AFROTC courses and manage administrative tasks to keep the detachment running smoothly.

AFROTC affords graduates the opportunity to pursue a broad range of career fields to include aviation related jobs, law, space operations, medicine, intelligence, computer systems, and engineering. You can take part in this unique experience as a college freshman with no commitment. You can continue on in the program without any commitment to the military for the first two years unless you are on an AFROTC scholarship. The AFROTC program is open to all college students regardless of major.

Air Force ROTC at California State University, Sacramento meets throughout the week.  Physical Training is held every day and cadets are required to attend 2 sessions a week.  Physical Training prepares cadets for the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA). On Friday mornings cadets attend Leadership Laboratory (LLAB) which prepares cadets for being in the military. Following LLAB cadets attend Aerospace Studies class which is taught by members of cadre with topics to include: Foundations of the Air Force, Evolution of Air and Space Power, Leadership and Management and National Security, and Preparation for Active Duty.


C/4C Cadet 4th Class GMC
C/3C Cadet 3rd Class GMC
C/2d Lt Cadet 2nd Lt POC
C/1st Lt Cadet 1st Lt POC
C/Capt Cadet Captain POC
C/Maj Cadet Major POC
C/Lt Col Cadet Lt Col POC
C/Col Cadet Col POC

Air Force ROTC cadets go through two stages, the General Military Course (GMC) and the Professional Officer’s Course (POC).

You can enter our four or three year program. Our three year program is an accelerated course which shortens the GMC stage to one year.

General Military Course

The GMC portion of the program typically consists of freshman and sophomores and allows cadets the opportunity to try out AFROTC without any commitment unless on scholarship. Freshmen will take AS100 and sophomores will take AS200. During the GMC period cadets will be exposed to the basic organizational concepts of the Air Force and its history. During the sophomore year, cadets will have the opportunity to compete for a field training allocation. Completion of field training is necessary in order to advance to the level of Professional Officer Course (POC) cadet.

Field Training

Field training will be a cadet's first exposure to a working Air Force environment and the Aerospace Expeditionary Force concept. The program develops military leadership and discipline, and provides Air Force officer orientation and motivation. At the same time, the Air Force can evaluate each cadet's potential as an officer. It is a month long event that occurs over the summer.  This training is done in a basic training type atmosphere.

Professional Officer Course

The POC consists of your junior (AS300) and senior (AS400) years in the program. Upon entering the POC, cadets will contract with the Air Force. POC will take AS300 and AS400. As a POC you will be given leadership opportunities to practice and hone your skills. After completing 2 years as a POC you will be commission into the U.S. Air Force as a 2nd lieutenant.


  • As a contracted cadet, you will receive a monthly stipend that will range from $250-$400.
  • The cadet wing has an academic group that will try to support your studies through peer tutors.
  • Receive GE credits for taking Aerospace classes, potential for a Military Studies Minor.
  • Leadership training and opportunities.
  • 100% job placement after graduation.
  • Peer group who share similar morals and goals.

Physical Training

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Leadership Lab

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Aerospace Studies

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Cadet Wing

All training and operations are handled by the cadet wing. The cadet organization is based on a wing structure similar to active duty Air Force.

Each flight will consist of about 20 or more cadets where cadets will learn to work as a team and as individuals. Cadets will change flights every semester so that they can be exposed to new people and different leadership styles. Cadets will have the opportunity to take a job/role within the flight and will be evaluated by the Flight Commander.

In addition to their roles in the flights, cadets can take on a separate job in the cadet wing. Their performance in these roles can positively impact their evaluation in the wing.


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