Physical Training

People Doing situps
Physical training (PT) is offeredMonday through Friday. Cadets are required to attend at least two sessions per week. PT activities vary and may include: three mile runs, calisthenics, basketball, soccer, rugby, and swimming.
These sessions are held on campus at Sacramento State and surrounding parks. The Cadet Wing Physical Fitness Officer and his/her staff are responsible for planning and executing the workouts. Our PT program is rigorous and will prepare you for the Physical Fitness Assessment (PFA) all cadets must pass each semester and more importantly reach your own physical fitness goal.  Many of our workouts are built around competitive team building. If you are already part of an NCAA team at your host school, let us know and you may be eligible for an alternate PT session requirement.  For more questions about our physical fitness requirements, contact our Recruiting Flight Commander (RFC) via the contact page

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