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Message from the Dean

Dean Edward S. InchDean Edward S. Inch

The College of Arts & Letters is dedicated to the vision that we will be a central resource with programs, student experiences, and engagement opportunities that matter to the health and vitality of the region’s creative and cultural economy.  The study of the arts and humanities is at the heart of any university, at Sacramento State, we focus on using our creative and analytic skills, community engagement, innovative programs to support the success of our students and community.

Our College is composed of many fields bridging historical and significant traditions with contemporary and future-oriented field. Our students can study...

  • painting, and also electronic art and animation
  • critical thinking, and also bioethics
  • Shakespeare, and also postcolonial women writers
  • classical mythology, and also the culture of Hollywood
  • rhetoric, and also multimedia communication
  • typography, and also corporate identity
  • counterpoint, and also jazz arranging 

We encourage active learning, so our students sing, dance, create, write, argue, advocate and participate.

We form a bridge between traditional methods and practices with contemporary and forward-looking programs.  We engage in discourse and spirited inquiry, but while "classroom" can mean a professor lecturing to a group of students, it can also refer to a virtual gathering by Internet or as well as the greater Sacramento community as our students explore their world in action. Throughout, we investigate, we teach and we learn.

We welcome our students as the leaders of the coming generation, those who will shape the world we haven't yet imagined.

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Spring 2016 Commencement

The College of Arts & Letters commencement will take place at Sleep Train Arena on Saturday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. Students may register for commencement online. Congratulations to all Sacramento State graduates of Spring 2016!

More about Sac State Commencement

Academic Departments


Catherine Turrill, Chair
(916) 278-6166

Communication Studies

Dr. Gerri Smith, Chair
(916) 278-6688


Andrew Anker, Chair
(916) 278-3962


Dr. David Toise, Chair
(916) 278-6586


Dr. Aaron Cohen, Chair
(916) 278-6206
Humanities & Religious Studies
Dr. Bradley Nystrom, Chair
(916) 278-6444


Dr. Ernie Hills, Chair
(916) 278-5191


Dr. Christina Bellon, Chair
(916) 278-6424

Theatre & Dance

Dr. Melinda Wilson Ramey, Chair
(916) 278-6368
World Languages & Literatures
Dr. Curtis Smith, Chair
(916) 278-6333


Jenny Stark, Film Coordinator
(916) 278-6285

University Library Gallery

Philip Hitchcock, Gallery Director
(916) 278-4189

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