A message from the dean

The study of the arts and humanities constitutes the heart of any university. In Western culture, the first universities were medieval institutions devoted to the study of theology, philosophy, literature and languages, but we've moved on, so we honor our past while defining the cutting edge in our various fields. Our students can study...

  • painting, but also electronic art
  • critical thinking, but also bioethics
  • Shakespeare, but also postcolonial women writers
  • classical mythology, but also the culture of Hollywood
  • rhetoric, but also multimedia communication
  • typography, but also corporate identity
  • counterpoint, but also jazz arranging

We encourage active learning, so our students sing, dance, create, write, argue, advocate and participate.

We form a bridge between past and future. Like our predecessors from centuries ago, we engage in discourse and spirited inquiry, but while "classroom" can mean a professor lecturing to a group of students, it can also refer to a virtual gathering by internet or even the greater Sacramento community as our students explore their world in action. Throughout, we investigate, we teach, and we learn.

Our doors are as open as our hearts and minds, and we welcome our students as the leaders of the coming generation, those who will shape the world we haven't yet imagined.