Symposia and Lectures

Language Learning Day

The annual Language Learning Day is a collaboration with the One World Initiative. The event takes place each November, and all members of the campus community and beyond are welcome to come by and learn how to say basic phrases in various languages.

More information about Language Learning Day and the One World Initiative can be found online.

Nammour Symposium

The annual Nammour Symposium has been held since the early 1970s and was eventually renamed in honor of senior faculty member Jamil Nammour. The two-day symposium is sponsored by the Department of Philosophy in partnership with the Center for Practical and Professional Ethics. Past supporting sponsors include the College of Arts and Letters and the Sacramento State's Retirees Association, which contribute to the student essay contest and panel.

The Symposium strives to present philosophical reflection, and thereby to contribute to enriching the public dialogue on issues and subjects of general popular concern and interest. Also, the Symposium offers a forum to showcase outstanding majors and to offer them the opportunity to give a professional philosophical paper/talk to a public audience.

Learn more about the 2015 Nammour Symposium here