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Why are you promising this?

We’re committed to offering high quality value-adding degree opportunities for all our students. These Four-Year Promise Plans offer you an assured pathway through the degree in four years, completing all your GE/GR requirements along the way. This is a win-win for everyone. You finish a meaningful degree without racking up unnecessary credits, get into all your required courses, have a rich, varied GE experience, and all we ask is that you be flexible and allow us to set your schedule for you each semester. 

How do I sign up?

At orientation during your major advising.

What if I want to sign up afterward, maybe after my first semester? 

Currently, this is not an option because student schedules during the first four semesters are fairly strictly controlled. Promise Plan students are on a specific track with a specific order of courses designed especially for you. 

What if I sign up but then change my mind?

That’s OK. You can just let your department chair know you no longer want to participate and we will no longer enroll you for your courses so you can plan your schedule yourself.

What do I have to do to stay in the Promise Plan?

It’s actually pretty easy—be available during the times/days of your program, be flexible with the courses we schedule for you, meet with your advisor at least once a semester, and keep your grades up so you don’t have to retake any of the courses.

What if I do have to repeat a course?

That’s a bit of a problem but not insurmountable. To ensure you do not fall too far out of sequence, work with your advisor to retake the course during summer or winter session.  Your end of the promise is to work hard to avoid retaking any courses.

If the program I want says I have to be available Mondays through Fridays, 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., do I really have to be at school this whole time?

Your actual class schedule will vary with each semester. We ask that you plan to be available–over four years–during these times so we have the most flexibility possible to ensure you get exactly the courses you need in the exact sequence necessary to ensure you can complete your degree in four years.

What if I need some learning skills preparation, say for math or composition?

We can accommodate those specific requirements, but it might mean that you have to take a summer or winter semester along the way to catch up on GE/GR requirements.

What if I want to change my major?

If you change to another participating major, you can work with your advisor to see if you can still finish in four years according to the new major plan. If you switch to a non-participating major, still see your advisor, but we can no longer promise that you will finish in four years. That would likely mean you have to pull out of the Promise Plan. 

How do I register for my classes?

You don’t! We do the registration for you. In fact, you will have priority registration! We will enroll you in courses before other students enroll. That’s our promise—you always get a class you require. But make sure you do not modify your planned schedule.

What’s the catch?

No catch, as long as you keep up your end, we’ll keep up ours! 

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