Frequently Asked Questions

Career BuzzWhat is Career Buzz?

Career Buzz is a progressive three-course dinner, organized to help Student Alumni Association (SAA) members meet alumni in their major and professional fields of interest. 

Each table at Career Buzz is hosted by a small group of alumni representing a particular career. 

When SAA members RSVP, they are asked to choose three fields of interest.  Each member will then be assigned table numbers according to their choices.

Upon arriving at the event, SAA will provide you with your table assignment.  After each course, SAA members will rotate to their next assigned table. 

By the end of the meal, each SAA member will have learned about three different professions!

What happens if I don't get seated at my top three picks?

Don't worry!  There will be time after the event to meet and chat with alumni whose tables you didn't get to sit. 

I've already picked my major.  What is the point in meeting alumni in career fields that I have no interest?

There is great value in being exposed to alumni outside of your career aspirations.  

From meeting people and making friends to learning about life after graduation, expanding your network of connections will always benefit you!