Dinner with 12 Hornets

Dinner with 12 HornetsDinner with 12 Hornets is a program that invites 12 Student Alumni Association (SAA) members to meet alumni, in a small, intimate setting, at their home or local restaurant.  These informal dinners provide students and alumni, of similar interests or majors, the opportunity to converse, network and build relationships.

Each dinner typically has a theme based upon major and professional field of interest.  Dinners are held frequently throughout the year. 

Please don't let lack of transportation hold you back.  SAA arranges carpools to ensure all students have a safe way of getting to and from each dinner.

Apart from being fun, the Dinner with 12 Hornets program prepares SAA members for life after college.  From receiving professional advice to practicing networking skills, SAA members are given the opportunity to gain real-world experience outside of the classroom. 

The dinners also help SAA members get to know their extended Hornet family, and to see how they can stay involved and connected with their alma mater after they graduate.

If you are an alum interested in hosting a Dinner with 12 Hornets, please click here to learn more.