About Us

Josh Rosa
The Hornets Policy & Politics Alumni (HPPA) Chapter is for alumni who work in politics, public policy, or state or local government. 

The chapter’s mission is to support the professional development of alumni, create career opportunities for students, and leverage Sacramento State’s unique home in the State Capitol into the continued excellence and development of its graduate programs related to public policy and government.

We host networking events, policy seminars, and mentorship programs. Participants in our speaker series include mayors, nonprofit CEOs, and state constitutional officers, as well as other elected, nonprofit, and academic dignitaries.

Ask HPPA Career Support Hotline (Ask HPPA) Program

The Ask HPPA Program provides an avenue for students and alumni to receive support on career or employment related questions/inquiries. HPPA will connect individuals who request support with a knowledgeable and experienced alumni who will assist them with their inquiry.

The Ask HPPA program can support you with career or employment related issues associated with public policy or public service careers/employment which include but are not limited to job search/application processes, upward career mobility, networking, information on employment sectors or policy areas, choosing career paths and/or changing careers, etc. You may also request mentorship support across various issues while pursuing a career.

If you would like to receive support on a career or employment related question please submit your inquiry to: SacStateHPPA@gmail.com . To best support your inquiry please include your name, preferred contact info, specified inquiry, and any other relevant background information.

Ask HPPA Frequently Asked Questions