Dinner with 12 Hornets  

Dinner with 12 HornetsDinner with 12 Hornets is a program that invites twelve students to meet Sac State alumni in a small, intimate setting at their home or a local restaurant. These informal dinners will provide students and alumni the opportunity to converse, network, and build relationships while enjoying a delicious meal.

Host a Dinner

If you are an alum interested in hosting a dinner, there are just a few simple steps to organize your event.  

  1. Choose your dinner theme based on your major or professional experience. (For example: Entrepreneurs, Nutrition, Accountancy, Physical Therapy, Criminal Justice) 
  2. Work with the Alumni Association to choose a date, time and location.  Please provide at least 30 days notice and weekdays are preferred.  The Association staff does the work of identifying 12 students with interests matching your career field.  The Association staff also works with the students to arrange carpools or provide transportation.
  3. Provide a meal for 12 students. If you are hosting the event at your home, the menu could be as simple as sandwiches and potato salad in the back yard.
  4. Enjoy a meal with your new student friends, answer their professional questions and share your personal experiences.

If you are interested in hosting a dinner, please click here to register.  The Alumni Association will contact you to confirm a date, time and location. For more information, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.