Archaeological Curation Facility Staff

Dr. Jacob Fisher

Dr. Jacob L. Fisher

Dr. Jacob Fisher is an assistant professor of anthropology and the NAGPRA Director for the Archaeological Curation Facility. He received his doctorate in anthropology from the University of Washington. As a zooarchaeologist, Dr. Fisher studies animal bones from sites in California and the Great Basin to provide a greater understanding of past relationships between humans and animals, such as hunting and cooking practices. Dr. Fisher’s interest in Native American relationships with archaeologists began in his undergraduate years, and was further developed as a graduate student working at the Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture in Seattle on NAGPRA repatriations.

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Cristi Hunter, M.A.

Cristi Hunter is the Collections Manager for the Archaeological Curation Facility. As the Collections Manager, Ms. Hunter is responsible for ensuring the collections are properly curated, documented and are made accessible for research. She earned her Bachelor of Arts at California State University, Sacramento and her Master of Arts degree in Anthropology at Texas A & M University. She has served as director, crew chief, and field technician on numerous archaeological projects in California, Texas, Italy, Arizona, and Nevada, ranging in age from the Pleistocene-Holocene transition to Historic urban and mining assemblages in western North America.

Dr. Wendy Nelson 

 Wendy J. Nelson, Ph.D.

Dr. Nelson is the NAGPRA Research Specialist at the Archaeological Curation Facility. She is responsible for reviewing archaeological collections, conducting archival research, and writing summary reports for projects that fall under NAGPRA, as well as participating in NAGPRA consultations with tribes and repatriation of human remains and funerary objects. Dr. Nelson received her doctorate in anthropology with a major emphasis in archaeology from the University of California, Davis. Her areas of interest include prehistoric diet and nutrition, the archaeology of gender and children, and California Native American ethnohistory.

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