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Student Paper Awards

Association of Pacific Coast Geographers
75th Annual Meeting in Olympia, WA
Oct. 3 – Oct. 6, 2012

Here is an excellent opportunity for students who would like the experience of presenting their research at a professional, yet safe and friendly, meeting. Students benefit from the challenge of presenting to a diverse audience and receiving expert feedback. Papers by students are a significant portion of the presentations at our annual meeting. To encourage participation and to recognize and reward meritorious student scholarship, the APCG will offer 9 awards at the 2012 Annual Meeting in Olympia, WA. The awards to the student presenters are as follows:

    1) Tom McKnight and Joan Clemons Award for an Outstanding Student Paper, $500
    2) Christopherson Geosystems Award for Best Applied Geography/Earth Systems Undergraduate Student Paper, $500
    3) Christopherson Geosystems Award for Best Applied Geography/Earth Systems Graduate Student Paper, $500
    4) President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by a Ph.D. Student, $200
    5) President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by a Master’s Student, $200
    6) President’s Award for Outstanding Paper by an Undergraduate Student, $200
    7) Harry and Shirley Bailey Award for Outstanding Paper in Physical Geography, $200
    8) Committee Award for Regional Geography, $200
    9) President’s Award for Outstanding Poster Presentation, $200

The Awards are open to undergraduate and graduate students who are APCG members. Papers may be co-authored if all authors are students. The paper or poster must be presented at the annual meeting. Evaluation is made by the APCG Awards Committee based on the extended abstract and the presentation. Student presenters may also apply for a travel grant of $200.

To enter the student paper or poster competition, students must complete the following steps:

1) Submit the regular short abstract to the 2012 conference coordinator in Olympia as outlined in the Call for Papers/Abstracts for the 2012 annual meeting. For details, check the Conferences link on the APCG web-site at

 2) Submit an extended abstract (1,250 words max) to Greg Bohr, APCG Awards Committee, by September 14, 2012. Send extended abstracts (attached as an MS Word file) to See the link at the bottom of this page for the extended abstract format.

3) Complete a Student Paper and Poster Competition Application Form and send it to Greg Bohr along with the extended abstract.

4) Be a member of the APCG and register for the conference.

Deadline for submission of the extended abstracts and awards competition application forms
is September 14, 2012.


Travel Grants for Students

To encourage student participation, the APCG will commit $4,000 to travel grants of $200 each (except for students from the local area who will receive registration fee grants of $50).  If grant applications exceed the $4,000 total, recipients will be selected by a random lottery.  To be eligible for a travel grant, a student must be an APCG member and must present a paper or poster at the annual meeting.  However, you do not need to be entered into the paper/poster competition to be eligible for a travel grant.  Travel grant applications can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to Greg Bohr (see below) and must be received by September 14, 2012.  Recipients will be notified by September 17, 2012, and will be awarded grant checks at the banquet in Olympia (or by mail afterward).

Deadline for submission of the travel grant applications is September 14, 2012.

Please address your awards or travel grants applications and/or inquiries to:
Greg Bohr, APCG Awards Committee
Social Sciences Department
Cal Poly State University
San Luis Obispo, CA 93407
(805) 756-1322
(805) 756-7019 (fax)



Flier Announcing Student Paper/Poster Competition DOC or PDF
Student Paper and Poster Competition DOC or PDF
Extended Abstract Format DOC or PDF
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