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The 2009 Yearbook, Volume 71--the tenth published for us by University of Hawai'i Press--was mailed to members from Ann Arbor, Michigan, in July, 2009. This is the third volume by editor James Craine (CSU Northridge), who continues past editor Darrick Danta's goal of having Yearbooks out before the Annual Meeting each fall.

The Yearbook, the scholarly journal of the APCG, has gone electronic!
The Yearbook is now part of Project MUSE, a widely used scholarly database that provides full-text coverage for 167 journals. If the Yearbook of the APCG is not yet listed directly in your university's online catalog, you should be able to access it through Project MUSE, assuming your university subscribes to Project MUSE. If your campus has something like "Databases A-Z," click on "P" to find Project MUSE, which, when opened, lists the Yearbook. For individual members not affiliated with a subscribing university and for the public, this issue of the Yearbook can be found at of_the_association_of_pacific_coast_geographers/

Soon after taking over, new Yearbook editor (beginning with volume 59) Darrick Danta (CSU Northridge) discovered that Oregon State University Press was ending their long association--since 1965--with APCG. The interim solution was to self publish. Volumes 59, 60, and 61 were copy edited and placed into PageMaker by Rick Cooper (Cooper Publishing), who lives in Corvallis and worked on volumes 57 and 58 for OSU Press as a free-lance editor.

Volumes 62 through 71 (and we hope all future volumes) have been published by The University of Hawaii Press, ending this challenging transition period during which we published the Yearbook ourselves.  Rick Cooper continues to do the copy editing, bringing outstanding experience, ability, and continuity to the task.

For a good sense of the APCG and the Yearbook look through the titles of ALL ARTICLES appearing in the latter from 1965 to 2009 (volumes 27-71), listed chronologically. These are all the volumes published by Oregon State University Press, the three volumes published by the APCG, and the eight volumes published by the University of Hawai'i Press.

V.60 ERRATA (fix a graphic error in the Brown & Ryder article)
V.70 ERRATA (fix errors in and expand the abstract for the La Dochy article)

(March 23, 2010)

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