The Keeler Conference is an informal gathering for presenting and discussing new data or ongoing research relating to the environments and people of eastern California. Modeled after the Kelso conference on Archaeology of the California Deserts, Keeler provides a unique opportunity for regional researchers, graduate students, land managers, and other interested parties to discuss new data, emerging ideas, and persistent concerns.


Conference proceedings typically include a field trip to nearby archaeological sites or other areas of interest, and a full day or two of presentations and discussion. Conference participants are required to present or co-author a paper. As always, the aim of the Keeler Conference is to facilitate discussion, so there are no set time limits or requirements for presentations. Generators will be available to power a laptop and projector for Powerpoint presentations or other electronic media.



2016 Keeler -- A Celebration of Tom Mills


We are proposing a few changes to the Keeler Conference this year, which we want to use to celebrate the life and times of Tom Mills.  In an effort to attract the broadest range of his friends and colleagues, not just folks who do archaeology, ethnography, or history in the Eastern Sierra, there will be no requirement to present a paper.  Indeed, there will be no formal papers this year.  If people want to share their current work in the region, they can prepare posters or handouts that can spur discussion.  But the main purpose will be to honor and remember Tom via stories, music, and just being in one of his favorite places.  We are hoping to hold the event at our by-now regular campground at Tom’s Place and are inquiring regarding its availability.  The celebration is scheduled for Friday, July 29 to Sunday, July 31.


With as much notice as there is, and lacking any presentation requirement, we fully expect to see lots of folks who don’t often make it to Keeler. Everyone surely has a unique story about Tom and we want to make sure they all get told and shared.  This is oral history in the making!


Mark Basgall and Bridget Wall





Inaugural Keeler Conference August 3 - 5, 2007 : Caltrans Office in Bishop, CA


2nd Annual Keeler Conference July 18 - 20, 2008 : BLM Office in Bishop, CA


3rd Annual Keeler Conference July 24 - 26, 2009 : Inyo National Forest, White Mountains


4th Annual Keeler Conference July 30 - Aug 1, 2010 : Inyo National Forest, White Mountains


5th Annual Keeler Conference July 29 - July 31, 2011: Inyo National Forest, Toms Place


6th Annual Keeler Conference July 27 - July 29, 2012: Inyo National Forest, Toms Place


7th Annual Keeler Conference August 9 - August 11, 2013: American Legion Hall, Independence, CA


8th Annual Keeler Conference August 8 - August 10, 2014: Inyo National Forest, Toms Place

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