The ARC offers many avenues of Archaeological research for students and staff alike. Specialization within a comprehensive archaeological program is an essential part of what the ARC provides to clients as well as the spirit of scientific endeavor. We incorporate a wide array of analytical methods as well as provide a concrete theoretical basis for all research, keeping with the most current ideas and data available. Employees at all levels are encouraged to explore the many facets of archaeological analysis. Within our Lab Facility many of our staff and student employees have focused and honed their skills in particular areas of interest such as Lithics, Paleobotany, and Faunal Studies. Other specializations include Graphic Production along with Geographic Information Systems (GIS). The ARC also houses an onsite Obsidian Hydration lab that functions as a resource for Graduate research as well as CRM reports.

Eastern Sierra Prehistory: Caltrans Public Outreach Site

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