Mediasite Video

Sac State's Mediasite system is an all-in-one video platform. Mediasite can be used to capture lectures and presentations for both hybrid or blended online learning and training. In addition to room-based recordings, the system supports desktop recording of audio, video, and computer slides which can also be uploaded into a sharable collection of content. The system offers assistive technology to enhance learning for viewers of all abilities including screen readers and keyboard shortcuts, automated and searchable closed captioning.


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What is a Mediasite?

  • Lecture Capture
    Record and live-stream lectures and presentations from a Mediasite-enabled classroom.
  • Record from Home or in the Classroom
    Use the desktop editor to record from your home or office and create flipped learning materials fast.
  • Security and Analytics
    Mediasite provides robust analytics to help track who has viewed content and puts you in control of who can access your videos.
  • Share to almost any device
    Share videos through Canvas, email, or on the web to any mobile device or personal computer. 


How can I access Mediasite?

Download the Desktop Recorder
Access MyMediasite
Record a Class Session


How can I learn more about Mediasite?

Explore our online training to get started with Mediasite. 


How can I get more help?

Set up a time to sit down with a specialist for one on one support with the Academic Technology Center.



Classroom Recordings
Learn more about FERPA guidelines for video recording in your classroom or course.
Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Download a Release Form
Using the Smart Podium and Touch Panel
Smart Classroom Touch Panel Quick Guide (PDF)

Storage Space
Increase Mediasite Storage Capacity
Backup and Retention Policy (TBD)