A Division of Academic Affairs

The Academic Technology and Creative Services Unit (ATCS), a program center of the Office of Academic Affairs, California State University, Sacramento, utilizes an integrated service approach to provide consultation, technical assistance and creative expertise in support of the teaching/learning, research, service and outreach missions of the University. Support is provided on both an individualized and global (University) basis.


  • To provide an integrated service approach that is targeted to specific needs and contextualized to our campus academic culture.
  • To provide service in a professional manner that is courteous and respectful and sensitive to different learning styles.
  • To regularly evaluate and assess unit efforts and make changes when necessary.
  • To recognize the importance of the human factor in technology training and support.
  • To encourage and support open communication and collaboration in the workplace.


  • To assist faculty and staff in the use of technology in support of the academic mission of the University.
  • To provide production and creative services in support of the academic, public affairs and outreach missions of the University.
  • To work in collaboration with other technology support/service units on campus in order to develop and maintain a unified technology vision, infrastructure and user support mechanism.
  • To provide stakeholders (both formal and individual) a means for input into the process of determining service and technology needs.
  • To provide integrated state-of-the art customer services through a professional and dedicated professional support staff.
  • To represent to local, regional, state and national communities that CSUS is a leader and partner in academic technology and creative services.