Course banner request: Use this link to request a customized banner for your course (posted online – can be on a campus Web server or in SacCT).  

Software Requests

Respondus software: Form used to request the Respondus application.

StudyMate software: Form used to request the StudyMate application.

Survey software: Class Climate or Qualtrics

Video Production

Project Proposal Form: Used to submit a major video based (i.e. tape, DVD, podcasting) project for production consideration.

Web Servers

Faculty Web Page Listing: add address to listing: (located on this page – click the online request form link at the top). Form used to request that your faculty Web site address be listed on the Faculty Web page listing site.

Media Account: Form used to request an account on the media server where you can save your audio and video files.

Web Server Account: Form for requesting a Web server account used to post faculty Web pages.


SacCT Faculty Forms (faculty only): Faculty forms used to report a problem with SacCT course, course combine request etc.


Request Training/Leave Feedback:  Form used to request a workshop and/or leave feedback about a workshop.