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The California State University, Sacramento Creative Services Team brings together the talents of creative and technical professionals utilizing state-of-the art tools and facilities. The result: compelling, effective and cost effective products to meet the communication, education and outreach needs of government and non-profit clients.

Sac State Creative Services has a long and successful record of providing service to all levels of government, taking pride in the products we produce - many of which have won regional, national and international awards of excellence.  

Sac State Creative Services clients experience professional project expertise and support from start to finish - from consultation to determine the most appropriate funding process, through developing and processing required documentation, to the creative development of products, including quality control and product duplication and delivery. A talented and diverse mix of internal capabilities and skills including project management, instructional design, and video and graphic design, combined with a strong network of outside vendor partners provide a comprehensive one stop service approach to projects large and small.

Working in collaboration with University Enterprises, Inc., Sac State Creative Services can be accessed through the State of California Interagency Agreement process, by Memorandum of Understanding, Purchase Order or under separate contract. 



Sac State Creative Services, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6047, Library South, LL, Room 15
(916) 278-5756