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Today's Californians are sophisticated information consumers representing a wide range of cultures and ethnic identities. As an information provider, getting your program's message or information out there, recognized and understood can be a challenge requiring careful planning and creativity.

The Sac State Creative Services Team will work with you to develop effective solutions to your communication, outreach and education challenges. We listen to your needs, and with you, imagine the possibilities and with you create products that will professionally and innovatively convey your program's message, goals and objectives.

Utilizing both traditional and emerging channels of communication such as print, web, broadcast video, interactive DVD, billboards, point of information displays, radio and podcasts, Sac State Creative Services can provide the technical and creative expertise, facilities and resources to create the best mix to meet your program's internal and external communication needs.




Sac State Creative Services, 6000 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95819-6047, Library South, LL, Room 15
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