QuikRefs are available for faculty and staff on various software programs and other technical and University resources. The quick reference guides are published on the Web and in print on cards that are approximately 8-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches. QuikRefs are designed to provide quick access to helpful information about WebCT, Dreamweaver, accessibility, digital cameras, traveling with computers, copyright, the Faculty/Staff Resource Center, and more.

QuikRefs are not intended to give all of the information available, but will provide enough to get you started or serve as a handy reference. You can access these guides online by clicking the links below. Printed cards are available in the Faculty/Staff Resource Center, ARC 3012; and some cards are available at the University Help Desk, ARC 2005. Keep QuikRefs by your computer or in your briefcase so you can easily refer to them.

QuikRefs are currently available for:

Best Practices in Computer Technology Microsoft® Word to HTML
Copyright PDF Accessibility
Digital Cameras & Imaging Spam
Dreamweaver Tools
Faculty/Staff Resource Center Traveling with Computers
Flashlight 2 (online survey application) Viruses
Google VPN - Virtual Private Network
HTML Basic Web Accessibility
HTML Intermediate SacCT Faculty Guide
Microsoft® FrontPage 2002 SacCT for Students
Microsoft® OneNote XHTML
Microsoft® PowerPoint to PDF