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CLICKERS – Turning Technologies TurningPoint 5 and ResponseCard NXT


Update July 9, 2013: Sac State Adopts Turning Technologies as New Clicker Standard for AY 2013-14



In 2010 the California State Student Association (CSSA) created a resolution calling for each CSU campus to develop and implement policies and practices for clicker standardization. In response, the CSU Chancellors Office issued a memorandum to campuses requiring that they submit a campus clicker strategy no later than June 1, 2011. Sacramento State complied with this request by submitting the Clicker Standard Recommendation Report created in July 2008.

In light of this renewed interest in standardization, and following best practice of a three year technology review/refresh cycle, in the fall of 2011 ATCS convened a work group for the purpose of reviewing current clicker practices and policies in relation to technology advances and trends in the field. The charge of this work group was to recommend a clicker system and/or tools for standardization at Sacramento State.



The rationale for a standardized system is: 1) to provide consistency across the curriculum in order to eliminate the potential that students be required to purchase multiple clickers, 2) to enable full integration into our current SacCT infrastructure and other corresponding learning management and productivity tools, and 3) to enable campus personnel and services to focus on fully supporting one system vs. scattered support of multiple systems.


In reviewing all factors, the final recommendation was to adopt the Turning Technologies Turning Point 5 Response Card NXT system at Sacramento State. This was not an easy decision, but the group believes that the Turning Point system provides superior software and hardware flexibility, enhanced self-paced testing features, in-depth reporting functions, and robust faculty, student and campus support services. Turning Technologies is an established leader in the student response system market and is the leader in the higher education market share. The TurningPoint 5 system contains options for both physical and virtual clickers, can be fully integrated into Bb9 (SacCT), and is ADA compliant. The company will offer a pricing structure with rebates and incentives that will be favorable to students, faculty and the University.

The workgroup strongly recommended that although TurningPoint has been selected as the Sac State clicker standard, this standard should not preclude faculty from utilizing other available systems if their pedagogy, discipline, textbook relationship or other relevant factors support such a choice. However, if faculty do choose to utilize an alternate clicker, they must recognize that there will be little if any on campus support and infrastructure available to assist if the need.

The recommendation to adopt TurningPoint as the Sac State campus standard was accepted by the Sacramento State Faculty Senate on May 2, 2013.


Several campus faculty and departments have indicated that they plan to use clickers during the fall 2013 semester. To prepare for this usage, the necessary system components must be installed in both the SacCT/Blackboard system and the campus smart classroom software image. These installs will require adequate testing to ensure seamless operation and service of the clicker system. ATCS and IRT are committed to fast track the implementation of the TurningPoint system in support of these users.

About Clickers

“Clicker” is the generic slang for Interactive or Individual Student Response System. These systems allow polling, attendance taking, instant student feedback, small group work, self paced testing, quizzing/testing and many more interactive pedagogical applications. Custom software allows for the instant text and/or graphic display of results, data parsing, report generation and automated grade book entry for instructors.

In 2013, the TurningPoint ResponseCard NXT was recommended for adoption as the “standard” Sac State clicker. This recommendation was the result of a comprehensive review of leading clicker systems prevalent in higher education. The systems were evaluated on functionality, features, cost (to the student, the instructor and the Institution) and compliance with ATI standards.

Why Use Clickers?

  • Engage students by providing active learning experiences.
  • Conduct just in time testing of material comprehension.
  • Obtain feedback and stimulate discussion through anonymous polling.
  • Utilize quiz and testing options to streamline grading functions
  • Provide individual student study guides online.
  • Generate reports and analyses of student learning and progress.

Getting Started

  • Add TurningPoint ResponseCard NXT clickers to your textbook adoption request to the Bookstore  use ISBN: 978-1-934931-49-3
  • When you have submitted your adoption to the Bookstore,  submit a request form to Turning Technologies to obtain an Instructor Start-up Kit.  They will send you a kit and an implementation specialist will also contact you to provide training and support information. 

If you want to get a jump start…

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) – Library 4026 - has a few Instructor Kits for temporary loan.  They also have a 45 clicker kit that can be checked out for one-time or casual use.


  • provides a gateway of support via phone, email, web chat, tutorials and handouts
  • The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and ATCS sponsor a Clicker User Group. This group maintains an email distribution list and meets at least once a semester to share ideas, challenges and solutions for clicker users. Contact if you would like to be added to the user group list.

Training and Support Materials

Turning Technologies offers a comprehensive set of training and support materials for higher education faculty, including documentation, online tutorials, instructor led online classes, and self-paced tutorials. These materials can be found at Turning Technologies training website.


Last updated: July 10, 2013