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CLICKERS – Start Up Guide

The TurningPoint 5 Clicker system consists of:

  • Hardware: USB receivers (which also holds the TP5 software and the data for your courses), clicker/transmitters and a PresenterCard to use for during polling presentations.
  • Software: contained on the receiver USB, or can be loaded to your computer
  • Turning Technologies website has documentation, tutorials, instructor led online classes and self-paced tutorials to assist you.

To get started

In the meantime, here is an easy way for faculty start:

  1. Call the bookstore and place your order: ISBN 978-1-934931-49-3; ResponseCard NXT with Backlight
  2. Fill out the instructor kit request form:   By filling this out, two things happen
    1. Turning Technologies will send you an Instructor Start-up kit (receiver, software, clicker)
    2. A Turning Technologies Implementation Specialist will contact you  with training information

Upon Receipt of the Professor Start up Kit

  1. Check Kit to confirm contents
    1. 1 each TP receiver (USB plug in) that is loaded with software
    2. 1 each Response Card NXT clicker
    3. 1 each PresenterCard
    4. 1 each Quick Start Guide

  2. Follow directions in the Quick Start Guide to Initialize Receiver
    1. NOTE: If after opening the Software and getting the TP Dashboard and it indicates “NO RECEIVER” make sure that you do not have installed/activated the following elements:
      • Accuview Weather Bug
      • Dell Stage
      • Finger Paint
      • ANY previous eInstruction CPS clicker software

Last updated: July 10, 2013