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Collaborate Business Users - Moderator Guide

This tutorial is designed for moderators using Collaborate from the public page at This tutorial covers the following:

How to Access Public Page

In order to access the public collaborate page please go to the following address:

How to Schedule a Session

In order to schedule a session from the public Collaborate page a moderator account is required. Request Moderator Account.

  1. Once at the Public Page, Login at the top right hand corner using a saclink account.

    collaborate login window

  2. Click the Create Session link in the center-left of the page. The Create Session page will display.

    create new session icon

  3. Add your session information; the main information to enter includes:

    • Session Name (i.e. Lecture 1, Virtual Staff Meeting, etc.)

    • Select the Start and End date and time

    • Session Access - The default is set up show the meeting on public schedule. If you opt to keep your session private, you can send participants the session link via email or use the External Invitees option to send session invitations

    • There are also other miscellaneous options which can enhance the experience. These can be found towards the bottom of the Create Session options page.

      collaborate create

  4. Click Create to save and finish.

  5. create button

  6. Session Details page displays the Session Link you can email to participants or use the Send email invitations tool to use the built in, invitation template.

    collaborate session options

  1. Use these links to access the session immediately, send the session via email, or to add them to a calendar (ics file).

  2. This is the time in which the session will be available.

  3. In order to Send email Invitations use the Send email Invitations link.

How to Access Scheduled Sessions

Once a session is created it will appear on the scheduled sessions page.

  1. Navigate to and login using your saclink account.

  2. The Sessions Schedule will display sessions scheduled for the current day. Use the Calendar to Navigate to the specific session date

    collaborate session options

    • If the session name displays in purple the meeting is active and available.

    • If Session Name displays in Grey the meeting is unavailable (a past meeting or future meeting.)

  3. Click on the Title of your meeting under the Session Name column to open it. Only Meetings that are currently active can be opened.

Last updated: March 11, 2013