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Collaborate Unavailable Over the Holiday Weekend

Due to an unexpected issue with the Collaborate server, the service will be temporarily unavailable from Thursday, July 2 until early the following week. ATCS and IRT are working diligently with Blackboard support to resolve the issue and anticipate the Collaborate service to be ready for use soon. Please check early next week regarding its availability. Please contact with any questions or if you have an immediate need for the service following the holiday weekend.

Java 8 Update 25 is not Compatible with Bb Collaborate

The latest release of Java, Java 8 (released Oct. 2014) is not compatible with our current version of Blackboard Collaborate. Java 7 Update 79 is the most recent version of Java 7 that can be used with Bb Collaborate.

Users that have installed Java 8 will see a "Connection failed"or "Application Blocked by Java Security" error(s) display when attempting to join a session and/or watch a recording.


In order to use Collaborate, please uninstall Java 8 and install Java 7 Update 79:

  • Uninstall Java 8
  • Install Java 7 Update 79
    • Windows Users - select either Windows Online (32-bit) or Windows Offline (64-bit), depends on whether you are using a 32 or 64 bit browser.
    • Mac Users - select Mac OS X (10.7.3 version and above)

Add Collaborate URL to Java Security Exception Site List

Follow the steps from the webpages below that correspond to your operating system.

What is Collaborate?

Blackboard Collaborate is a live web conferencing application that combines video, audio, chat, presentation and sharing tools to create a variety of live interactive meetings.

Watch the Tutorials

These short video tutorials will introduce you to the Collaborate user interface and basic tools.

Try Collaborate

Join this Sample Collaborate Session to try out different tools or features. Upon clicking the meeting link:

  1. Select Guest from the User Authentication section.
  2. Type in an email address and full name in the required fields.
  3. Click Log In button on lower right. 

Depending on your browser, you may be required to first save the session file (join.jnlp) and then open it.  Upon opening the session file, the Collaborate session will launch and open the user interface.


Computer Setup

Please Note: Our current version of Collaborate 11, is not supported on mobile devices. Please use a desktop or laptop to access collaborate sessions.

Known Issues


Report a Problem


System Status


Access Collaborate

Collaborate can be accessed from a Public Session Schedule or from the built in Collaborate tool in SacCT courses.

Collaborate Session Schedule - Business Users

Students and instructors can access scheduled online sessions from the public Collaborate Session Schedule. Instructors and other session moderators must login to schedule meetings.

Instructors (Moderators)bb collaborate sessions schedule page

  1. Request a Moderator Account
  2. Check computer to ensure you have Java installed.
  3. Login to Collaborate with Saclink username and password to Schedule a Session(s)
  4. Refer to the Moderator Guide for details on how to schedule a Collaborate Session and access sessions.

Students (Participants)

Refer to the Participant Guide for details on how to join a Collaborate session, know the key areas in Collaborate and how to access recordings.

From SacCT Course

Instructors can schedule Collaborate sessions from any SacCT course, making it easy to combine live online sessions or recordings with other course content.

Instructors (Moderators) collaborate in SacCT 9.1 course

  1. Add Collaborate Tool to course
  2. Check computer to ensure you have Java installed.
  3. Refer to the Instructor Guide for details on how to add Collaborate to your course(s) and how to schedule sessions.

Students (Participants)

Refer to the Student Guide for details on how to access a Collaborate session from a SacCT course.

Plan & Publish

Use Plan to organize content ahead of time before your live class or meeting.

And use Publish to convert your Collaborate recordings into video files that you can share on a website or SacCT course.

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Last updated: July 2, 2015   



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