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Collaborate SacCT Users - Instructor Guide

This page will guide you through the basic steps of how to access the Blackboard Collaborate tool within SacCT.

Enabling the Collaborate Tool

  1. From your course Control Panel (bottom left menu) select Customization
  2. Click the Tool Availability option

Screenshot of location of Tool Avaliability button

  1. Scroll down on the page and locate the tool labeled Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager
  2. Click/Check the checkbox to make the tool Available
  3. Click Submit

Screenshot of tool activation table

Adding Collaborate to your Course

Method #1:  Add a new Tool Link to Collaborate on your course menu. This link would open the Collaborate Sessions page directly


  1. From your course menu, click the Add icon +
  2. Select the Tool Link option

Screenshot of + dialog menu, showing the add tool link button

  1. In the Name field, type in Collaborate
  2. From the Type drop down menu, select Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager
  3. Click the checkbox next to Available to Users . Then click Submit

Screenshot of add tools link dialog


A new link labeled Collaborate will display on your course menu. This link will take you to the Collaborate sessions page where you can begin scheduling your meetings.


Screenshot of a sample Blackboard Sessions page


Method #2 Create a new Content Area (can be titled Collaborate or Class Lectures and Recordings, for example). Within the content area add the link to the Collaborate sessions page. In addition to adding the link to Collaborate in this content area, you can also add related resources (i.e. links to files, help resources for students, etc.).


  1. From your course menu, click the Add icon +
  2. Select the Content Area option

Screenshot of + dialog menu, showing the add content area button

  1. In the Name field, type in Collaborate or Lectures and Recordings for example
  2. Click the checkbox next to Available to Users . Then click Submit

Screenshot of the add content area dialog box

  1. Open your new content area link, an empty page will display
  2. From the action bar at top of page, point to Tools
  3. Click More Tools from the menu that displays, and click Blackboard Collaborate Scheduling Manager

Screenshot of Tools dropdown menu, with appropriate options highlighted

  1. A settings page will display, enter a name for the Link (i.e. Collaborate Sessions)
  2. Add a description , then click Submit

Your new content area will contain a link to the Collaborate Sessions page and any other links you choose to add relevant to your class online meetings.

Screenshot of Collaborate Content Item

Scheduling a Session

  1. Within the Blackboard Collaborate tool, click Create Session.

Screenshot of location of Create Session button

  1. The Create Session page will display the Information settings page first. Three other settings pages Participation, Sharing and Content Area can be accessed from tabs on top-left.
  2. Fill in relevant data under the Information tab on the Create Session Page
    • The Session Title is the title of your session (i.e. Session 1, Week 1 Lecture, etc.)
    • The Session Type allows you to choose who is going to have access to the session. By default, it is set to Course. This allows anyone enrolled in the course to view it.
    • The Schedule allows you to choose the start and end time/date of your session. Which allows you to create sessions for future dates/times
    • Session Attributes provide multiple optional options for session customization. The grey descriptions of the attributes provide descriptions for each option.
    • Integrate with Grade Center allows for you to give a grade associated with the session.
  3. Continue filling in the form under the Participation section. Here, you can choose moderators and whether or not to allow unregistered guests.
    • Assign Roles allows you to choose users within the course to be moderators for the session
    • You can invite guests that are not enrolled in the course using the Guest Invitees section
  4. Under the Content Area tab, you can choose to create a link to the session for students to access directly from a Content Area. This is used if you use Method #2 to access Collaborate within your course.
    • Use the Content Area List to choose which Content Area to use to hold the link to your session by selecting the checkbox next to the name of the desired area.
    • Use Description and Time Restrictions to further customize the item.
  5. Once you are satisfied with the settings in each tab, click Submit to create your session.  

Last updated: March 11, 2013