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Digital Media


As of June 1st, links to Real Media (RM) videos and other video files in SacCT courses and/or websites, will be available by downloading a video file to your computer first, and then opening with an applicable media player.


Please do not upload any additional Real Media files aside from those you may already have existing in your account. Use an alternative file format instead, for new media content you create (video or audio). If you are creating videos, the MP4 file format works well with up to date web browsers. If recording only audio, please use MP3 files.

There is no need to change your media links on your web pages or links in your SacCT courses. Instructors who use the video streaming classrooms, do not need to take any action


Video and audio files that are uploaded to your Digital Media account are downloaded over the web and accessed by users either through a link in a SacCT course or on webpage. All media files must be in compliance with Copyright and Fair Use. Please refer to the Copyright information site.


Getting Started

Download Files

Use a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) program (i.e. FileZilla, Windows Explorer, Fetch) to transfer your files from your Media Server account to your computer.

Create Links in SacCT Course

Using the Web Links tool in SacCT you can link to an array of video or audio files from your Media Server account.

Create Links in a Webpage

Explore these tutorials to learn how to link or embed video and audio into a website.


For information on captioning your videos, please see the Captioning Self-Service page.

Last updated: May 5, 2016   




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